Blogtable: KSET E-Sports LAN #4

If you haven’t read my predictions of KSET E-Sports LAN #4 yet, feel free to do so here. In the meantime, we (thanks to yohan for his help) asked around what the community thinks about the outcome of the much awaited LAN tournament. So, let’s take a look at what players, fans and alike had to say!

Who is your favorite to win the KSET E-Sports LAN #4 and what is your take on the brackets?

ZoMBi: frozz will win it, and brackets were ok for me.

CRODeny: I’m very disappointed with the bracket and [the] seeding system. I think CheeseKing will win in the finals 3-2 over Frozz (cuz protoss OP) :D gl hf to everyone.

yohan: Favourites? Evuser and Killerfive. Some might find this odd, but I put my trust in working ethics of a western europeans over those from Balkans, so I’m pretty sure they will come prepared!

Brackets are pretty representative of the current metagame. terrans are dominating. the only skilled terran I miss in round of 8 is Blask. Too bad that Ptak and Starbuck are not competing in this one, so we get to see 2nd grade zergs (Sprezzey) in action. Protoss race is, as usual, represented by two well-known cheesers, which only further proves how gimmicky that race really is. On one hand we have 1-build-per-matchup Cheeseking, while on the other hand there is “cannon-is-the-answer-to-everything” sPlico.

Upper part of the bracket is just too stacked! Oogway as the best croatian terran (according to aligulac), killerfive as best slovenian terran (according to me) and cheeseking? Come on! In bottom part of the bracket there is of course contender Evuser and Razbu, who really shows some skill with his random proxy factory tvt builds. The other two are there either because of a lucky draw (facing a retired-irrelevant-2010 Deny) or abusing their race to the fullest potential.

TrutY: My favorite is frozz. By wining against Deny in Ro16 he has a clear path through the finals. I believe that he will be ready for cheeseking and win the tournament. Bracket was a good concept, invite best 8 players, and put them against 8 challengers from qualifications. But Deny was a dark horse that declined his invite and crashed the system. Because of that we had a potential finals in online ro16. Unfortunately when draft was made on stream I was unavailable. If I was there I would give everything that those two players don’t meet that early. But never the less I believe that we have strong 8 players that will put one hell of a show!

eLephaNt: First of all, hello Tomo and everyone else! On the question about the winner, my answer will be pretty straight forward. I think that in the finals there will be CheeseKing facing off frozz, with CheeseKing taking it 3-1 at the end.

About the brackets I could write a novel I think, but I`ll be as short as possible. By seeding invited players with seeds 1-8 is nonsense and it’s retarded. I`ll also tell/explain you why do I think this way. We all know, even in-game leagues [ladder] tells us, who is better than who, etc. So, if we look at the situation like this: 3 of top 6 players are missing on this tournament and I`m really wondering what organizers would do if they (Starbuck, Ptak and GrayWarden) would qualify for the tournament as well, since frozz (IMO: seed #2) and Deny (IMO: seed #3) met each other in Ro16 already, and if things would be legit/logical, they should meet in semi-finals match (if they would come that far). So.. having the second most “ïmportant”/interesting match in Ro16 is really hilarious in my honest opinion.

SaleSarma: Although in this years Ro8 we don’t have big guys like Ptak and Deny, I find brackets really interesting. Any player is capable to win against any other player, I would say that the skill gap between top players and the rest is much smaller than on any other KSET LAN. Lets start with the bottom side of the bracket.

Frozz vs Evuser
In my opionion this will be the most one-sided match of all which is a good example how stacked this Ro8 is. Frozz is a clear favourite and my personal favourite to win the whole thing, although Evuser is a really good zerg on the scene and is really long on top level, but we all know in which matchup frozz is the best and that he can take games from best zergs in Europe.

Razbu vs Splico
This match is my personal favourite, I adore watching splico and his ‘special tactics’ and I can not wait to see what he prepared for this Saturday, especially knowing that he got his first GM on NA not so long ago. Razbu is definitely not scared of Splico, PvT is Splicos far worst matchup and he is always bragging about it and in recent scrims Razbu easily defeated Splico. Knowing Razbu he is probably training day and night in his basement preparing for all kind of all-ins so this is going to be really close, good and interesting match.

Later on in bottom side of the bracket I think Splico and Razbu have their chances on taking down frozz. Razbu has his chances with this new tvt 1base meta and Splico with his innovative all-ins, but then he has to prepare more than 2 different all-ins against terran. Contiouning with top side of the bracket.

Cheeseking vs Killerfive
If you ask yourself why I didn’t pick Cheeseking for my favourite it is because of last LAN in Zagreb, where we saw downsides of Cheesking’s play. If you follow his play he is predictable and he lacks the ability to easily adapt to other player’s build. He will push his build no matter what. On the other hand, his builds are magnificent and his execution even better so if you don’t know even the smallest part of his build, you are going to be in big trouble. With this all said I still pick Cheeseking as a big favourite over Killerfive who showed really good form recently and stable, macro oriented, ‘meta’ plays and builds but exactly this type of player suits best for Cheeseking.

Spreezy vs Oogway
Spreezy is much like Razbu but Zergbetter. In last few weeks he is pushing his limits, on ladder he plays against GM players and constantly scriming with Cheeseking, in other words he is preparing his ass off for this KSET LAN. His play is no longer boring macro oriented play but he mixes it up with really powerful all-in’s that he learned from best zergs in the area (Starbuck, Truty), so I would pick Spreezy for my dark horse of the tournament. On the other hand we have Oogway, I didn’t watch him play much but I heard he is much like Killerfive, stable, macro oriented really good terran player. This will be the real test for Spreezy for how far he can go, and an opportunity for Oogway to show his skills and to show everyone what is he up to.

Later on the top side of the bracket I would really like to see Cheeseking vs Spreezy and I think it is the most possible outcome. It would be a great game and great overture for finals.

All in all I have 2 favorites; Frozz and Cheeseking, 3 hardworking terrans [Killerfive, Oogway, Razbu], and a zerg [Evuser], Dark horses; Spreezy and Papa Toss [Splico].

I am really looking forward to this tournament because everything is possible and we are going to have great games and even better atmosphere.

I would like to thank everyone that participated in this very first Treach’s blogtable, especially SaleSarma, who gave an in-depth predictions of Round of 8 and forward. Either way, the zlovenci will be present on the event as Killerfive and Evuser will be joined by yohan, while the Conn.Si crew will most likely miss out on the event this time around due to health and transportation issues.

Bottom line should be something like this: may the best player win the tournament!



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