If Grenzo was Modern legal

Then I would surely find a spot for him in my Goblin tribal! Or would I?

Many argue that Goblins are too much of an all-in deck in the current state of the Modern format, and I have to second that. If you don’t win by round 5 or 6, you are pretty much dead. Sometimes, a topdeck can save you from losing, but only if you managed to push thru enough damage in the earlier rounds so that a Goblin Grenade or Lightning Bolt can finish off a low HP opponent.

Some say that Goblin Lackey would do the trick, while others resort to Goblin Ringleader, the banned Goblin Recruiter, or at least Goblin Matron to save the day. And let’s not forget about Goblin Warchief, who might be the best Goblin lord in MTG as of yet.

The Modern wanna-be’s like Sensation Gorge, Warren Instigator, Frogtosser Banneret and Boggart Harbinger are all cute, but nothing more. They are either too slow, too clunky, too one-dimensional, or all of the above. Black splash is not that much of a big deal, especially with Onslaught fetchlands reprinted, but their abilities are.

Grenzo card

Yes, I know, Grenzo, Dungeon Warden is a multicolored legendary Goblin Rogue that needs a black splash and does nothing when he comes into play, but he is at least a 2/2 creature that can be buffed with additional mana when summoned. While he usually fails the Lightning Bolt test, he could be that much needed gas when you are left without any cards in your hand. Not many Goblins have power greater than 2, and even those that do can be “tutored” with the help from Goblin Chieftain or a similar pumping effect. Scry lands (Temple of Malice) and Titan’s Strength also play nicely with him, so you can plant a creature for Grenzo. Yet, that might not be enough, since he is a bit on the slow side, eats up your resources (mana), and may put cards into graveyard for nothing.

There was a talk about Grenzo being printed in Khans of Tarkir, but that didn’t bear fruit, and since Conspiracy is a multiplayer-focused booster set that is designed to be drafted, there is not much to do but to wait and see if Fate Reforged brings this legendary creature to Standard and therefore Modern.

Even if our Dungeon Warden becomes Modern legal, it is doubtful that Goblin tribal can support him as a staple of the deck. Maybe yes, maybe not, but who on Earth will test something that is not legal? At best, he may end up as a utility creature, or a win-more card in Goblin decks. However, he could be more important in some other decks in the Modern format ..

If nothing else, at least I really like the art of Grenzo by Lucas Graciano.



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