Ingenuity of HotS

Are you confused? You don’t know which HotS I am talking about? Exactly. It’s even more bizarre that two different games, both made by Blizzard, use the same abbreviations. HotS was first released in March 2013 as an expansion for our beloved StarCraft II and it stands for Heart of the Swarm, but soon, we will have another HotS, this time as an acronym for Heroes of the Storm. Do we believe it is a coincidence?

I am trying to think about the reason behind the fact that we will soon have two HotS, yet I find myself clueless. However, we can bet it was not a coincidence and that Blizzard thought it through. Maybe they are showing some kind of a sense of humor? Because people already did, are and will continue to notice, but they don’t seem to mind at all. And they shouldn’t. They are, after all, Blizzard. They, of course, did not elaborate when asked about the reason for the duplicate name, but the silence was expected.

Release of Heroes of the Storm is set for sometime in 2015 – does that mean we might see a Legacy of the Void, the third expansion for StarCraft II, in retail at about the same time? It is to my understanding that the most used acronym for StarCraft II is in fact SC2, and not the initials from the latest expansion. But to me, it seems a bit confusing to use the same shortened name for two totally different games, especially if made by the same company, unless they are about to ditch the old one for the younger cousin (HotS) and sibling (LotV).

All we can wish for is that the crowded MOBA scene has some space left for HotS, and that LotV becomes the Brood War of StarCraft II.



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