KSET LAN #4 ends, frozz wins

Out of the Croatian Big 4, it was either Ptak or CheeseKing that seemed the most likely candidate to be a double champion, but in the end, it was frozz who ended up raising two trophies. Who would have thought that the “average” Grand Master Terran could achieve the biggest feat on the Croatian (HotS?) scene yet. Yes, there was no Ptak or Starbuck to contest, and GrayWarden’s appearance didn’t bear fruit as they all skipped the event. But frozz beat Deny, the mastermind of mindgames and preparation, scratched a victory against Evuser, and disposed of sprEEEzy in the finals to claim the gold on his second consecutive Croatian LAN tournament (his run started with Universe.hr Big Bang LAN in April 2014) after missing out on the first place for ages, even losing on MiA Invitational 3 back in November 2013. This is the story of a fan favorite hero, a grounded man with solid play, who even dropped a map against an evi-lovenac Evuser before claiming the first place finish on KSET E-Sports LAN #4.

Truth to be told, the biggest surprise of the event has to be sprEEEzy, who managed to beat the most dangerous Croatian StarCraft II player ever – CheeseKing. That was something indeed. Yet, it is frozz who will remain the champion of Croatia until proven differently. He is, like it or not, the best Croatian StarCraft II player at the moment. We could agree that CheeseKing, Ptak and Deny, let alone Starbuck, are all able to beat the beloved frozz, but they didn’t. It doesn’t matter that they either didn’t play him, or lost against him – frozz won, and period. Guilty as charged, frozz is, at least for now, the player to beat.

frozz on Universe.hr Big Bang LAN in April 2014
frozz on Universe.hr Big Bang LAN in April 2014

This is a story of success. And the most interesting fact is that the fourth edition of KSET E-Sports LAN gave us a fourth different winner. In a way, I’m loving this fact, as KSET LANs seems to be the most emotional and hard-to-conquer of all Croatian StarCraft tournaments. What started with Starbuck and was followed by CheeseKing and Ptak, continued yesterday with frozz, who achieved something nobody else did. I don’t remember the last time that the same player won two major Croatian LAN competitions in a row, at least in HotS. With all that being said, frozz will be a part of the Croatian StarCraft II history for ever.

If he didn’t before, he should finally surpass FroZ in our eyes.



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