Santa’s present for Italian SC2 scene

Attenzione! Although Italy has a stable and an active community, Italian StarCraft2 scene has been flying under the radar ever since their great Maestro ClouD announced his retirement back in May 2013, and despite having players like StarEagle, Evaner, JeaL and Narcotic, they could not fill in ClouD’s shoes on international scale. However, with the month of December, things started to click yet again.

It started off with 1st Next SC2 Tournament on 14th and 15th of December in Milan, where 32 players fought their way through the single elimination brackets, including the big’s like Evaner, Nogard, Narcotic, Diord, Reynor, Narsil and StarEagle, with the latter beating his competition and winning the whole thing. But that was only a beginning.

Attenzione! On the wings of the exciting Vasacast, Calcio rose again.

EIZO Christmas CupIt was Eizo that eventually brought the present for Italy, as they organized an online tournament EIZO Christmas Cup together with Vasacast and Italian ESL, and among the invitees, one name caught our eye – it was ClouD! Eight players competed in what could be the most stacked Italian StarCraft2 tournament to this date, and despite the tough competition, it was the experienced Terran player who literally walked through the tourney and made an epic comeback from inactivity to grab the gold without dropping a single map in the process of beating Evaner, Diord, Narcotic and JeaL in the grand finals.

Time will tell if this was a one-time stint for ClouD, or if he plans to return among the competitors, but either way, Italian sport commentators are always fun to watch, and StarCraft2 is no different.