Team MiA reaches RaidCall EES Winter 2013 playoffs

TL-bigOver at Team MiA’s webpage, we have published a news regarding the recent success of MiA’s StarCraft2 division, which managed to qualify for the playoffs of RaidCall ESL Euro Series Winter 2013 after defeating Team Dignitas and secured a berth in the next edition of this prestige team league.

Four players represented our StarCraft2 team throughout the tournament, with Matic ‘Starbuck‘ Dejak leading the way, followed closely by the remaining three of Tomislav ‘CheeseKing‘ Matić, Roko ‘frozz‘ Marinković and  Milan ‘GrayWarden‘ Stanković, as all of them played a vital part of the team’s success. All games and match-up’s of the group stage can be found here, while the stats are gathered on the LexiConn.

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